Awesome Couple Enameled Camp Mug

Awesome Couple Enameled Camp Style Mug

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Awesome Couple Enameled Camp Style Mug

If you and your significant other are more the outdoorsy type – even if that just means sitting in the back yard by the firepit – this cute mug could be a great gift option this coming Valentine’s Day. Cute and simple with a lighthearted vibe, it’s very appealing while being practical.

It’s a classic camp style mug: steel construction with white enamel inside and out with the exception of the rim. These are a lightweight style, and the handle can be a little small, but they’re great for sitting around outside since they’re quite sturdy. The design features the text “You + Me = Awesome” with little hearts pierced by arrows circling around the last word.

The mug has a nice capacity at 12 ounces. Being made of metal, it’s clearly not safe for the microwave. The seller also recommends hand washing, presumably to protect the design finish.

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