Sculptural Pumpkin Mug

Dramatic Realistic Pumpkin Coffee Mug

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Dramatic Realistic Pumpkin Coffee Mug

Check out this amazing holiday-themed mug! It’s shaped like an elongated pumpkin with realistic ridges and would make a fantastic addition to your holiday table, however small or large it might be this year.

The shiny glaze is a rich shade of orange with subtle shading on the outside with a slightly lighter shade on the interior. Gently rounded with a slight taper toward the lip, it has a shape that will stand out from the usual straight-sided mugs. And the handle is painted to look like a pumpkin stem.

As aesthetically pleasing as this mug is, it’s also still a practical choice. Made of ceramic, it’s safe for use in both the microwave and dishwasher. The handle is a classic C-shape, perfect for comfortable handling.

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