Extra Large Tapered Pink Minimalist Mug

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Extra Large Tapered Pink Minimalist Mug

Many mornings all you want in a drinking vessel is the ability to hold of lot of your chosen beverage. This mug fits the bill, for sure. And it looks good at the same time with a sleek profile and pretty pink color.

One thing I particularly like about this mug is that the color glaze covers the entire surface, inside and out. Only a tiny ring at the bottom from firing remains the base white. The shape is sleek and modern with an unusual taper, getting more narrow from bottom to top. The classic C-shape handle looks comfy and easy to hold.

This cup has an extra large capacity at 18 oz – usually to get this big of one you would be in the area of soup mugs. It stands 3.9″ high with a 4″ diameter base according to the manufacturer’s specifications. And it’s practical: made of sturdy ceramic, it’s suitable for both the microwave and dishwasher.

Check out all the other colors available! Might be fun to get a different color mug for everyone in the family – all the better to tell them apart at the breakfast table.

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