Fabulous Bistro Style Mug in Hot Pink with Flamingo

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Fabulous Bistro Style Mug in Hot Pink with Flamingo

If you or someone on your holiday gift list is a fan of Schiaparelli’s signature hot pink, this large bistro style mug might be just what you’re looking for. The fabulous exterior color is interrupted only by the silhouette of a flamingo in a high contrast white. Truly a fun and stylish way to take your morning beverage!

The gracefully curved body has a small foot and is complemented by a classic C-shaped handle, also in pink. This particular shape is often described as “bistro” style. The interior is a crisp white, providing good visibility as to the contents. The finish inside and out is smooth and glossy.

This is a generously sized cup at 16 oz. The seller describes is as being made of “ceramic composite” and does not indicate how to wash it. Typically, unless decorated with metallic gold or with hand painted elements, similarly glazed ceramic mugs can be put in the dishwasher without any problems. And based on the customer photos of their purchases I would do so without hesitation. But you would want to evaluate for yourself.

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