Is It A Toy Or A Mug? Hot Pink For All Ages

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Is It A Toy Or A Mug? Hot Pink For All Ages

If you’re looking for a memorable gift for a kid at heart, check out this unique and super fun mug. Made of BPA-plastic, it looks like a giant building brick toy. And it’s actually compatible with some versions of toys such as LEGO, KRE-O, and PixelBlocks.

Talk about a conversation piece!

In additional to the shape and play options, it comes in an invigorating bright pink color. The handle might or might not be the most comfortable – the design limitations meant it’s a bit squared off with little nubs on the inside surface. But the entertainment factor outweighs a lot in this case. And it even comes with a few building blocks to get you started, all packaged in a coordinating box.

This is a full-size mug with a 12 ounce capacity. It stands about 4.7 inches tall. While you might think to use this as a pencil holder, don’t hesitate to actually drink from it: it’s made of food grade BPA-free plastic. Avoid the microwave and wash by hand.

Children should be supervised by an adult when using. NOT for children under age 3.

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