Married Couple Drinkware Set in Black

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I found this married couple drinkware set in black the other day. While I think the seller is missing out on some sales by their limited options, I like the aesthetic and overall concept in the pair of matte black mugs.

The cups are in a graceful, slightly rounded shape with low-set handles. The designs are simple but effective. One has “MR” plus a small mustache graphic, while the other has “MRS” and an image of lips. The minimalist designs are executed in white against the black background.

Where I think this seller is missing out on some opportunities is by limiting the option to “Mr and Mrs.” From a purely commercial standpoint, I would expect them to also offer “Mrs and Mrs” and “Mr and Mr”! I’m definitely going to be hunting for other options that I can recommend for a wider range of couples. But I like the overall idea and look of these mugs. They would be a great anniversary or bridal gift.

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