Cherry Blossom Sakura Latte Mug 01

My Favorite Mug Design To-Date

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I’ve been working on building out an Etsy store, and part of that process is learning how to design mugs. I did one for spring that I’m SO happy with!

Cherry Blossom Sakura Latte Mug 01
Latte-style cherry blossom mug

I licensed the watercolor art elements from an artist, but I did the composition and layout of those elements for the mug. I chose a latte-style shape that I think really enhances this particular design.

Cherry Blossom Sakura Latte Mug 03
Cherry blossom mug

The mug shape did slightly distort the image at the top in final production – the printer has you send a rectangular image that they fit to the shape – but I don’t think many people will notice 🙂

Of course, here’s a link to the listing on my shop if you’re interested. But I mostly just wanted to show off my creation! I’ve been using it a ton since I received this sample. And my only real complaint is that it’s a 12-ounce size when I usually prefer a 15-ounce mug for my morning coffee. But I’d say that is a pretty minor problem!

Cherry Blossom Sakura Latte Mug 04
Cherry blossom latte mug

Of course, I love pink, which doesn’t hurt. And kudos to the artist (Red Dog Studio) for the lovely artwork that formed the basis of my design.

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