Release The Kraken! Purple Tentacle Mug

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Release The Kraken! Purple Tentacle Mug

Truly, I never thought I would be so taken by a purple tentacle mug as I am by this one! But it’s really cute and clever – and nicely detailed where it matters. Featuring realistic tentacles, complete with suckers, across the front of the cup and forming the handle, this would be a a great gift for any fan of the legend of the Kraken.

The suckers are not just painted on: they’re a sculpted, raised design in the ceramic. Executed in purple and black with a glazing style that highlights the texture. The main body is an off white on the exterior and a matching purple on the inside. The lip also has a subtle flare to it, working well with the curves of the tentacles.

Additionally, you get some clever sayings on the mug. On one side (with the handle to the right) it has “Let’s Get Kraken!” while the other says “Refuse to Sink.”

The mug is listed at a 16-ounce capacity, although some reviewer comments suggest it might be closer to 14 ounces. The manufacturer states it is both microwave and dishwasher safe.

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