Literary Quote Mug Featuring the Bronte Sisters

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Literary Quote Mug Featuring the Bronte Sisters

Any reader or writer will appreciate this literary quote mug featuring the likenesses of and quotes from the three Bronte sisters. Executed in a suitably vintage style, it has a portrait of Anne, Emily, and Charlotte surrounded by a selection of quotes from their books.

Beyond the surface design, one of the more distinctive features of this mug is the large, squared-off handle. In addition to looking good, reviewers mention it’s very comfortable to use.

The main background is a medium gray – including the handle – with the designs executed in white, yellow, purple, and black/dark blue. The interior is a rich plum. And, conveniently, it will come in a matching gift box!

In terms of capacity, the vendor has listed it as 14 ounces in one spot, 12 ounces in another. It’s hard to judge from the photos which is more likely, but purchaser comments mention a generous size.

And, of course, the mug is a practical choice since it’s microwave and dishwasher safe.

A great gift idea for the book lover in your life!

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