Artistic Butterfly Mug in Pink and Purple

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Artistic Butterfly Mug in Pink and Purple

This artistic butterfly mug would be a super pretty way to start your day and enjoy your morning beverage. I’m a big fan of butterfly imagery in general, I am really taken by the delicate, slightly abstract style. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that pink and purple are two of my favorite colors!

This is an all-over design with butterflies of various sizes against a flowing background, all in shades of pink and purple. The butterflies themselves are rendered in a fairly realistic way, albeit in a streamlined style. The more abstract background features sweeping vertical lines, paint spatters, and a subtle, delicate pattern that reminds me of mehndi.

It’s a classic 11 ounce ceramic coffee mug with straight sides and c-shaped handle. The ground mug is a glossy wide.

Microwave and dishwasher safe, so a practical and aesthetically pleasing choice. A great gift idea for someone special!

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