Bring Me Coffee Mug - Found Near UGA

Cute Mug Found Near UGA

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Bring Me Coffee Mug - Found Near UGA
Bring Me Coffee Mug – Found Near UGA

I was out in Athens, Georgia for work a few weeks ago and wandered into a little stationery shop one day at lunch. Right on the edge of the University of Georgia campus, they had a few goodies beyond their selection of notebooks and pens. I came across this little display of coffee mugs in a corner of the store and had to snap a picture.

It’s a standard white 11 ounce ceramic mug. But it is printed with “bring me coffee and I will love you forever.” Not hysterically funny, but it tickled my fancy. I also like the handwritten look of the text. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if this truly was written by hand and then transferred: I think this look would be hard to replicate in an actual typeface.

It does give me some ideas for some designs of my own. Loving the inspiration!

I did resist buying it. Since I was traveling for work, I had smallish suitcase with me. Mugs can be a little bulky to pack, and you have to be careful to avoid damaging them in transit!

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