Pink Porcelain Tea Mug Set with Strainer and Lid

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Pink Porcelain Tea Mug Set with Strainer and Lid

Tea drinkers might often feel neglected in the world of ceramic mugs given the focus of coffee. Well, here is an option just for them, complete with included tea strainer and coaster.

I love this tall bistro style design: it’s quite elegant looking but still should be comfortable to hold with the C-shape handle. The exterior is soft pink while the interior is white. The matching lid doubles as a coaster for the included tea strainer. This last item is made using super-fine perforations which I’ve found is much sturdier as compared to some of the mesh styles. And it still gives a very nice brew.

This tall mug – 5.2 inches high – has a generous 15 ounce capacity, although some of this capacity is to allow for the tea strainer, of course. The mug and lid are of porcelain and are both dishwasher and microwave safe. The tea strainer is of 18/8 stainless steel and so should not be put in the microwave but should easily go through the dishwasher.

As of this writing, the seller offers a number of other complementary colors in this same design. Consider getting each tea drinker in the household their own color!

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